What is Biohacking?
Biohacking is using science and technology to make the body function better and more efficiently. We use cutting-edge technology to exponentially improve your health at the cellular level.
How Can I Reach My Cardio Goals So Quickly?
The latest biological research has shown that short intervals of high-intensity cardio with low-intensity recovery intervals demonstrate the same results (or even better) than traditional 45-60 minute cardio workouts. In particular, 20 seconds of very high-intensity cardio with 3 minute recovery intervals has emerged as the most highly-effective cardio program.
Though exercise improves physical fitness, nutrition must also play a role in helping the body burn fat. Exercising simply to burn calories without taking nutritional choices into account can hamper your ability to reach your fitness goals and cost you more time.
The latest scientific research shows that slow, high-intensity strength training -- 90 to 105 seconds per exercise one time per week -- bring the maximum muscle gain benefits. ARX machines use on-board computers that automatically adjust mechanical resistance so you get the maximum benefit from each rep in both the concentric and eccentric phases, so you get the most resistance out of each movement. Only the ARX can promise this level of efficiency.
Absolutely. ARX machines are programmed to match your output, so you will never be resisting more force than you create yourself through movement. The ARX is the safest way to build muscle in rehabilitating from an injury and as we age.
You may not sweat at all, you may sweat a bit, or you may sweat a bunch -- depending on your body and the exercises you perform -- during a typical cardio or strength workout.
The ARX system records each completed rep in real time and stores your unique data from week to week. That way, you can see a report of your strength and intensity gains over time. We also use our Fit 3D Scan to provide check-ups on your muscle mass, percentage of body fat, and inches lost. We also use calorie counters to keep a record of the gains you make in your cardio output over time.
Fit Lab Coronado workouts are as efficient with your money as they are with your time. You can find a complete price list here, or contact us for more information.


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